US Blizzards: Storm Jonas due to hit UK on Tuesday – will Wokingham be affected?


The Met Office has released a weather warning as the epic snowstorms that hit America over the weekend arrives in the UK.

Millions of US citizens on the east coast of the country have been hit by several feet of snow that fell in just 48 hours, causing a national emergency … and a mass snowball fight in Washington DC.

Although it fell just short of the record level of snowfall, Storm Jonas has caused massive disruption to the US and the suspension of flights.

Now the storm is making its way across the Atlantic Ocean and is expected to hit the UK tomorrow. But unlike the States, it will be rain that falls not snow.

The Met Office is warning that up to two inches of rain could fall within a 24-hour period, with Wales and Scotland the hardest hit. There could also be new flooding misery for much of the north.

Wokingham will be affected by the rain from lunchtime tomorrow, with heavy bursts expected at 2pm and 5pm.

It is expected to ease off again during the evening, before picking up again overnight. Heavy winds are also expected, which again may cause damage.

However, it is not expected that the rains will be anywhere near as bad as Wales and the north west and, as such, there are no weather warnings in place from the Met Office.

The warning for the whole country from the Met Office reveals:

“An active frontal system is expected to become slow-moving across Wales, north-west. and south-west England through the second half of Tuesday, and into Wednesday, before clearing to the south on Wednesday afternoon. Warm air of tropical origins is expected to be entrained into the system, leading to abundant moisture and heavy rain. Many parts of the warning area could see 30-60 mm of rain, whilst the most exposed upland parts of north and south Wales, could see 100-150 mm. As such, there is the potential for river flooding, and also standing water on roads.”

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