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VOICE OF WOKINGHAM: See it, report it: let’s take positive action

Ian Hydon Wokingham Christmas Treet lights
Vandals wrecked Wokingham's Christmas tree lights on Christmas Day

VANDALISM is a pathetic crime.

Destroying something that others are enjoying, destroying other people’s property or damaging windows does not make the perpetrator look cool.

It’s the action of losers and cowards.

And it’s one that leaves the mess – and the bill – in the hands of someone else. Ultimately, that’s us the council taxpayer.

Every incident that requires public money to fix adds to our council tax bills.

The epidemic that has taken place across the borough between Christmas and New Year is disgusting. The low lifes’ daily incidents ensured that 2018 ended on a sour note.

At the same time, just as these pathetic yobs have shown the worst of our borough, the actions of those who have sought to tidy up have shown the best.

The town councillors who gave up their holiday to make safe the Christmas tree, then repair it and then redecorate it, deserve nothing but praise. This is not a ‘look at me, vote for my party’ exercise. This was caring for the community at its very best: cross-party working together.

The long-term answer is more police on the beat, taking decisive action.

But for now, if you are affected – or see yobbish behaviour – take action, call the police. Let’s catch these cowards.

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