VOICE OF WOKINGHAM: This wannabe Emperor has no clothes. Don’t give him yours

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage arrives at Parliament to take part in the Leave Means Leave protest on Brexit debate day. © Brian Minkoff/ licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license

EVERY so often an issue comes along that transcends normal rules. Thursday’s European Elections is one of them. It is a poll that, by rights, we shouldn’t be holding.

Wokingham borough voted Remain by quite some margin – but there are many readers who want out of Europe at any costs. We respect both positions.

The path to Brexit has been anything but smooth. Far from considerable sunlit upsides, it has been a tortuous process that has left our country divided.

Parliament will not pass the Withdrawal Agreement because it is fatally flawed and it is an irony that hard Brexiter MPs were the ones that prevented their precious Brexit from happening by voting it down.

As we have noted before, some politicians seek to capitalise on this, encouraging polarising language. There is much danger in calling people traitors, enemies and snowflakes. It is divisive and unstatesmanlike.

One person using such language is Nigel Farage and this week, he is fielding candidates for his Brexit Party.

Many of us will be tempted to vote for him out of anger that Westminster has, so far, been unable to deliver Brexit. Theirs is a protest vote that tells MPs they’ve got it wrong.

Many of those voters think that Farage is a man of the people, who enjoys a pint and a fag down the pub (what smoking ban?). He is not.

Unable to get elected into the Houses of Parliament on no less than seven occasions – he lost every one of then – he has been an MEP since 1999.

His record there is appalling.

A ranking scheme measuring productivity shows that he comes 736th out of 749 MEPs.

During his three years on the fishing committee, he attended just one out of 42 meetings. When the European Parliament met to vote on the Common Fisheries Policy, Farage was in the building but did not attend.

This is not the attention to detail that you would expect from an MEP who claims to have the answers on the issue dividing the nation.

There is a more serious issue at stake here: our democracy.

Farage claims that the delays to Brexit are a denial to democracy, but he himself is in denial. He makes out this election is about democracy – which is not being denied – and wants you to sign a blank cheque allowing him to do what he wants on the other side.

He is asking you to vote for his new party next week without declaring a single policy. He is refusing to publish a manifesto until after you have voted. If anything is an insult to democracy this is it.

He is also hiding the main backers of The Brexit Party until the elections are over.

A man with nothing to hide has nothing to fear. But a man covering up his donors?

Farage is a danger because he is not being honest with us. He uses inflammatory language designed to provoke and, as constant TV appearances show, he is prepared to shout louder to make himself look good.

He is also a wannabe Emperor. If his Brexit Party comes first next week, he will claim those new clothes he so desires.

We must not give him ours.

If you want Brexit, back the Conservatives or Labour: These are the parties that working to deliver a Brexit that will not ruin the country, or the Union.

If you want to Remain in the EU, then the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and Change UK will welcome your vote.

History shows that every so often dangerous men pop out of the woodwork. Farage is one of them. He should be laughed off by the electorate, not welcomed as an emperor. Don’t give him your precious vote.

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Philip Harmsworth

Yet another small council pushing their biased opinions on others. What happened to democracy? Surely they should be up in arms. like so many others that voted Leave, that our current batch of ignorant politicians are deliberately obstructing enacting the democratic will of the people. Oh no, far to easy to turn on the one man that has consistently campaigned to leave the undemocratic EU despite death threats and years of harassment. Entities such as this should stay well out of national politics in order to avoid upsetting a large number of local people. Shame on you Wokingham Borough Council.

Gavin Whitwell

Anybody that votes for Farage thoroughly deserves the future they choose. The rest of us should not be obliged to have to share it with them. I like to believe that the British people are better than this and that we will soon see Farage and his brexit cronies locked up behind bars where they belong

Mark P

One way for supporters of Brexit to unite the nation would be to persuade us Remainers that the nation would be better off outside the EU.
I have been waiting almost three years for a single piece of substantiated evidence of ANYTHING of significance that will be better. I’m still waiting.
I’m getting very bored with people banging on about the referendum, as if the wafer-thing majority for Leave is a God-given command for all time – we MUST leave the EU regardless off the consequences, and those who disagree are going against “the people”, an insignificant minority whose wishes can be completely ignored.
Farage is what at one time would have been called a “spiv”. He’s not a man of the people, but a multi-millionaire commodity broker who is happy to take taxpayers’ money but not do any work for it. Brexit won’t harm him – he’s rich, and stands to get richer – but it will harm the people of lower incomes who have fallen for this charlatan.


Spot on. Thank you for putting it so eloquently.

Peter Dennis

Well said. I have asked members of his party and their sole purpose is destruction, as opposed to building something. As all growns up know it is fair easier to break things than fix them.

Peter Dennis

Obvious spelling mistakes above, should read: As all grown ups know it is far easier to break things than fix them.


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