VOTE 2019: Alastair Campbell teams up with football commentator Clive Tyldesley to guest on Dr Phillip Lee’s podcast … recorded in an Earley pub

On the house wokingham
Alistair Campbell, Clive Tyldesley and Dr Phillip Lee in The George, Earley
General Election 2019

IT’S the most unusual recording studio yet. An Earley pub was pressed into action for the recording of a new podcast.

On Thursday, November 28, journalist Alistair Campbell visited The George to join Liberal Democrat candidate for Wokingham, Dr Phillip Lee, and football commentator Clive Tyldesley to take part in a new episode of On The House.

The podcast promises candid, irreverent political chat – and that’s exactly what happened when the trio met in the pub. 

Over tea, beer and chips, the trio chewed the fat over a number of issues including, of course, the general election on December 12.

Mr Tyldelsey said in a video with Mr Campbell that he had been a Labour party member for 25 years but resigned in 2011 over changes to the membership rules. He now felt that he was a “homeless voter”. 

On The House recording
Clive Tyldesley, Alistair Campbell and Dr Phillip Lee in The George, Earley

After the podcast recording, Mr Campbell told The Wokingham Paper that he is currently supporting candidates who are Remainers and have a chance to beat ardent Brexit-supporting candidates, including Wokingham constituency. 

“There’s only one person who can beat John Redwood and that’s Phillip Lee, and that would be a very good thing to happen,” he said. 

“John Redwood has been around for so long. He’s been such an ardent Brexiteer, and I was speaking to somebody who thinks that Brexit is going to do so much damage to this country.

“And I’m really really worried that if Johnson gets a big majority – any majority at all but especially a big majority – I think this country is in real trouble, so I’m going around supporting candidates I hope can stop these hard Brexit MPs.”

Clive Tyldesley, Alistair Campbell and Dr Phillip Lee in The George, Earley
Clive Tyldesley, Alistair Campbell and Dr Phillip Lee in The George, Earley Picture: Phil Creighton

And Mr Tyldesley said: “It was good to have the opportunity to come and be the devil’s advocate and maybe ask one or two questions that haven’t been asked during the course of the campaign in national media. 

“That’s what I came to do – I think the electorate deserved that; they deserve the difficult questions to be asked of the people who are aspiring to represent them.”

Mr Tyldesely added: “The reason I’m here is that I’m homeless voter. I was leaning towards voting Lib Dem because I am an avowed Remainer. A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to meet Phillip [Lee] and he shares a lot of my views and values.”

Standing in Wokingham constituency in this general election are: 

  • Kizzi Johannessen, Green Party
  • Dr Phillip Lee, Lib Dems
  • Dr Annette Medhurst, Labour
  • Annabel Mullin, Advance Together
  • Sir John Redwood, Conservatives
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