VOTE 2019: Wokingham shoppers back Remain in straw poll aimed at raising awareness of tactical voting

Members of Wokingham For Europe asked shoppers for their views on Saturday, November 16 Picture: Phil Creighton

WOKINGHAM shoppers once again confirmed their commitment to staying in Europe according to a new straw poll conducted on Saturday. 

Members of Wokingham For Europe set up stall in Market Place to canvas visitors to the town centre for their views on a range of topical issues. 

Visitors could place stickers to indicate their answers. 

The vast majority said they did not trust Boris Johnson to privatise/sell-off part of the NHS. They also wanted the Prime Minister of publishing a dossier on alleged Russian interference in UK politics. 

Shoppers also indicated that they would be unhappy with a government led by Johnson and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage. 

They also placed stickers to indicate that they did not think Sir John Redwood reflected the views of Wokingham people. 

And if there was another referendum on whether to stay or leave the European Union, the Wokingham shoppers who took part voted overwhelming to remain. Only three people wanted Johnson’s deal, which would see Northern Ireland stay in the EU market. 

Vanessa Rogers, who is chair of Wokingham For Europe said that part of the reasons for canvassing views was to raise awareness of its tactical voting campaign, encouraging people to support remain-backing candidates. 

In Wokingham, they advocate Lib Dem Dr Phillip Lee and in Reading East, they encourage people to back Labour’s Matt Rodda. 

She said: “We want to point constituents in each constituency within Berkshire in the direction of which party nominee to vote for if their primary wish is to stop Brexit and to prevent a Tory majority which would ultimately take us down the hard Brexit route.

“This leaflet is entirely non-partisan and names the favoured recommendations for each constituency, either Labour or Liberal Democrat, who are clear Remainer candidates.   

“It also gives clear instructions on how to register to vote, where and when to vote, instructions if you are a student voter at a University/college away from your home town and the deadlines which have to be met, with QR codes and websites clearly indicated to help this end.”

The results of the Brexitometer on Saturday, November 16 in Wokingham

And Mrs Rogers also was grateful to the people who took time to participate in the Brexitimeter. 

“Passers-by were gently invited to answer – if they had the time and wanted to, of course,” she said. “I never cease to be amazed at how popular these Brexitometers have become throughout the country and our Wokingham Brexitometers are no exception. 

“At first they were regarded as a bit of a joke but now they are taken very seriously and result in deep discussions and debate which is how things should be in normal times – but we are far from being in normal times. 

“Our political landscape has been so tarnished by dictatorial and dodgy dogma that reasonable debate is so refreshing despite differing points of view and it was very heartening to engage with the Wokingham public on Saturday around the Brexitometer who seemed happy to talk to us of their own volition and discuss the issues surrounding each question on it.  

“The result speaks for itself: Wokingham for Europe has clearly supported Dr Phillip Lee in our leaflet and in our discussions as the favoured new candidate for our town which is sorely in need of a principled MP who reflects our progressive views and who would concentrate to work on behalf of and for the good of this open, tolerant, intelligent, expansive and modern 21st century town.”

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