VOTE 2021: Wescott – LIB DEM GAIN

Peter Dennis, Lib Dems1052
Colin Heath, Labour288
Julian McGhee-Sumner, Conservative1011

Former Wokingham Borough Council leader Julian McGhee-Sumner lost his seat in the 2019 elections – now he’s hoping to regain it.

However, Lib Dem candidate Peter Dennis and Labour’s Colin Heath have other ideas.

Polling Stations

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2021 candidates

Julian McGhee-Sumner, Conservatives

Julian McGhee Sumner Vote 2021
Julian McGhee Sumner

I passionately believe that you need to live in the ward to truly represent and be able to respond to the issues impacting residents. I have lived here in Wescott since I was nine and attended Westende and St Crispin’s schools.

It’s been my privilege to serve on Wokingham Town Council since 2003 and I was Town Mayor in 2018/19. 

During the pandemic, I’ve worked with the Community Hub delivering food parcels to families and vulnerable people; and continue to volunteer with the Link Visiting Scheme supporting those who are shielding to prevent isolation and loneliness.

I am a strong advocate of residents associations and have worked with a number to resolve many and varied issues such as resurfacing roads & footpaths, preventing parking on verges, providing better leisure facilities and a regenerated town centre which now thrives despite the opposition voting against it. 

I would like to set up more local residents associations to develop better understanding of the very local concerns that matter to residents and be able to take action to resolve these. Prior to the pandemic, I regularly held meetings with residents and am always happy to listen and respond to their views.

I feel Wescott has taken more than its fair share of new housing and we now have to say ‘enough is enough’. A permanent solution is needed for Woodcray Manor to avoid yet more spurious planning applications that will impact the lives of residents living close to the site.

Pete Dennis, Lib Dems

Peter Dennis

My wife and I have lived in Wokingham for over 25 years, bringing up two children using Wokingham’s excellent schools.

As a car driver and cyclist I am keenly aware of the issues facing all forms of transport and as a borough councillor I will work towards better transport infrastructure for all users bringing strong consideration for the environment.

I view communication as a key requirement and I will be open and honest with all residents.

Colin Heath, Labour

Colin Heath vote 2021
Colin Heath

Colin grew in Merseyside but has been proud to call Wokingham his home for almost 40 years. Colin’s children grew up and were educated locally. 

Colin is retired after a career in central government finance. He is a strong believer in local government for local people. 

He believes the current government’s preference for big, private sector centralised contracts over supporting and developing the expertise of local government has contributed to the expensive and wasteful track and trace outcomes.  

As a town councillor for Wescott West or a Borough councillor for Wescott, Colin’s approach will be underpinned by engagement – he will always seek, and listen to, the views of residents. 

Colin believes that what is good for the planet is good for our community. Colin supports the establishment of a Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate Emergency. Whether the concern is planning and construction, transport, our green spaces, allotments, or markets meaningful involvement will produce better solutions.

Colin is a keen supporter of the Arts. One his current activities is helping to run an arts group that reaches out to all sections of our community and he will work for the growth in the provision for recreational  and cultural activities.

Colin enjoys taking his grandchildren to the Madjeski to watch Reading RFC but confesses to always having an eye out for his original home team.

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2019 results

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