VOTE 2021: Wokingham Without

vote 2021 wokingham without

Pauline Helliar-Symons is defending her seat for the Conservatives.

Polling Stations

2021 candidates

Pauline Helliar-Symons, Conservatives

Awaiting candidate’s information

Robert Comber, Lib Dems

Robert Comber Vote 2021
Robert Comber

I have lived in different parts of the borough for more than thirty years.

My children both went to school here.

As with many others in the Thames Valley, I built my career in the IT and Telecoms sectors and ended up running a number of mid-sized businesses.

I also owned and ran my own small business.

Since moving here, I have seen the Borough expand by around a third, which is huge. And it’s still growing, very fast. Wokingham has been a great place for me to live, and I want to ensure that is also true for the next generation. 

Brent Lees, Labour

Brent lees vote 2021
Brent Lees

Brent is a 58-year-old IT professional based in Newbury, but currently enjoying working from home.

Brent is originally from Manchester and has lived in Wokingham since 1998. 

Brent has four grown-up children, two went through school in Wokingham Borough, one is now serving in the RAF and another is currently studying at Birmingham University.

Brent is passionate about social justice and want to see the Council improve its support for the least advantaged in our area.

Brent has campaigned locally to remain in the EU for increased funding in our local schools.

He is dismayed at the loss of green space the Conservatives have planned for our area and will be a strong voice for Wokingham Without.

He is committed to being accessible and to representing his resident views in Council.

As he has been for 53 years, Brent remains a passionate supporter of Manchester City.

2016 results

2019 results

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