Washindi Trampoline Club celebrate more medal success

Washindi Trampoline Club have enjoyed an array of success since the New Year with several different representatives achieving medals in various competitions. 

Since the beginning of the New Year Washindi Trampoline Club have been training for various competitions. The start of the year saw 36 compete at the first of the qualifying rounds for National Development Plan (NDP) levels 1 – 6. 

The competition held at Eastleigh on Saturday, January 18 saw 23 of the competitors gain the mark required to qualify and every competitor pass their range & conditioning test. Everyone returned to compete at Eastleigh on Saturday, February 29 for the second qualifier where 17 gain the qualifying mark. All will be moving forward to the Regional NDP compulsory Final in March.

Notable success from the Jan competition included: NDP 1 Daniella Fossitt  (7 – 8yrs) 1st , NDP 3 Mia Gardner (11 – 12yrs) 3rd, Fred Martin (13 – 17yrs) 1st, NDP 4 (11 – 12yrs) Emily Farrell 3rd, NDP 5 Anna Wessendorff (13 – 14yrs) 3rd Owen Whittall 2nd, NDP 6 (13 – 14yrs) Seren Duggan 2nd, R1 Cat1 Matthew Morris 1st, R1 Cat2 Thomas Hue 1st, Masha Danilova 1st

Notable success from the Feb competition: NDP 1 Daniella Fossitt  (7 – 8yrs) 2nd, NDP 4 (11 – 12yrs) Emily Farrell 2nd, NDP 5 Anna Wessendorff (13 – 14yrs) 2nd , Owen Whittall 3rd, NDP 6 (13 – 14yrs) Seren Duggan 3rd, R1 Cat1 Matthew Morris 1st, R1 Cat2 Thomas Hue 1st, Masha Danilova 1st

The Clubs novice competitors competed in the Club Development (CD), levels 1 – 3 on Sunday, February 9. The competition was a huge success with all four who competed gaining a podium place. 

In the CD3 (highest level) Abi Trainer, the newest member to the Club, gained a second placed finish. Jessica Cunningham and Olivia Hooper both boasted a gold medal. Madiba Elhaggagi in the Trampoline for persons with disabilities managed to remember his routine to be awarded a gold medal.

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