Wokingham Borough Council plans autumn revival

Wokingham Borough Council offices shute end

WOKINGHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL will ‘start to come back to life’ from the autumn, according to leader John Halsall.

Since lockdown, many of its staff members have been working from home, or redeployed into other roles to help with the covid response.

As a result, offices have been closed or operating on reduced staffing levels, although all services have been maintained and staff on the ground have carried on as much as possible.

But with the changes to restrictions from Monday, it is now hoped that this will change.

“As a council we will pretty much stay as we are before September, but from then we’ll start to come back to life,” Cllr Halsall said.

“The real message is covid is with us, it will stay with us, we haven’t defeated it and we may never defeat it. Now we have to adapt our behaviour because it exists.”

While staff has been at home where possible, Cllr Halsall felt that this will change.

“Working from home has, generally, been a positive experience, but in September some staff will start going back into offices.

“Working from home is a deviation, not a permanent situation.

“Between now and September, we will have to work out what they will be like in the future.”

He added: “Innovation occurs through interaction of people, remote working can’t do that without that relationship.

“People coming into an organisation for the first time need to be part of that culture, which is missed through virtual meetings.”

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