Wokingham community unites to tackle racism at Black Lives Matter protest

The Black Lives Matter Protest in Elms Field on Saturday. Picture Steve Smyth

HUNDREDS of people came together on Saturday to say with one voice that Black lives matter.

Politicians, families, activists and clergy attended the event, organised by Bracknell Against Racism.

Protesters took the knee during the event. Picture: Steve Smyth

The event aimed to raise awareness of issues such as racist ignorance on social media and in the community. Speakers shared their own personal experiences of racism, and challenged the audience to do more.

Protestors made their own placards delivering a variety of anti-racism messages. Picture: Steve Smyth

Michael Karim said: “I was one of the few people who looked different in school and, as a result, was attacked physically every day. The teachers turned a blind eye.”

He added: “Politicians continue to try and divide people using racism for their own career success and greed. I’ve travelled the world on medical business been consistently racially profiled for boarding flights to the US.”

But, he said, “We are all people with more in common than we have differences. We have a common enemy of racism to overcome.

“Time and again, we see that politicians are ready to inflame racial hatred. We have to fight this in our workplaces, schools, political groups and everywhere.”

He continued: “The only way to combat racism is to make it known … Everyone has a responsibility to stamp it out.”

Young children joined the protest, which was a peaceful demonstration open to families. Picture: Steve Smyth

Other speakers included Mustafa Chaudhary from the Reading Muslim Council who read a statement given in the wake of the murder of George Floyd: “We are against all types of injustice and discrimination, irrespective of the form it takes – whether it is based on colour, race, gender, nationality, or religion. Wrong is wrong, regardless of the perpetrator.”

And Bracknell Against Racism founder, Karima Moustafa encouraged the assembled, who were all social distanced, to take a knee for a moment of reflection.

At the end of the rally, she said: “I’m so happy to see everyone come together despite political views, to say that Black lives matter. This is just the beginning of a very, very long revolution.”

Residents at the protest in Elms Field on Saturday. Picture: Steve Smyth

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This is what all you silly people are really supporting.
But you are all too stupid to realise



Now this is what matters!


These letters demonstrate exactly why Black Lives Matter, matters. Disputing the number who turned up with no evidence is weak. Saying racism isn’t a problem here is both wrong and irrelevant: just because “William”‘s experience doesn’t include any racism is irrelevant to the lived experience of thousands of others, and it’s the worst kind of arrogance to suggest it is otherwise. And good old “Joseph” – can’t even be bothered to read the article to see the ‘black people’ in the photos!


There were not hundreds so why say there were?
Wokingham is possibly the least racist town in the country. I have lived here for 35 years now and am proud that ALL races and religions get along extremely well. These supporters of BLM lead very blinkered lives. This organisation must be the most racist organisation of present times. They have and are doing more to destroy racial harmony than any organisation since the Ku Klux Klan


Where were all the black people
Considering it was bracknell who organised this with wokingham.
What a waste of their time.


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