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Wokingham couple boot up for First Days

Emi and Steve Holden are appealing for old football boots for Wokingham charity First Days Childrne’s Charity

ONE WOKINGHAM family has been making sure that everybody starts the new football season on the right foot.

Over the past month, Emine and Steve Holden have been busy collecting unwanted football boots and kits of all sizes as part of a fundraiser for First Days Children’s Charity.

The couple have then been uploading these kits on Facebook for people in need to use.

“With the new football season underway, we wanted to ensure every child gets the opportunity to have a good pair of football boots to play in,” Emine Holden said.

“And we’re fundraising for First Days because the charity is based on helping vulnerable children, so it ties in perfectly with the aim of our initiative.”

Everybody who collects a piece of kit or a pair of boots from the Holdens is encouraged to make a voluntary donation to First Days Children’s Charity.

The family has not created an online fundraising page because they do not want people to feel guilty if they cannot afford to donate anything, Ms Holden explained.

And the initiative is supported by Reeves Rangers Football Club, the team that Steve coaches.

To find out more about the Holden family’s initiative, visit:

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