Wokingham courier group launches 16th van in its Art On Wheels series

Picture: MT Art and Jennifer Moyes Photography

A WOKINGHAM courier has been cruising in style in a bid to get people talking about art.

Flight Logistics recently revealed the latest van in its Art On Wheels series.

In an effort to make the arts more accessible, the company launched the project in 2016 to wrap its delivery vans in artwork from creators across the globe.

“Our aim [with Art on Wheels] was to take art out of the traditional, and often intimidating, gallery space and share it with a wider public audience, many of whom would never consider going to a gallery or art show,” said Tracey Brown, owner and managing director of Flight Logistics.

Now, the courier group has launched the 16th van of the series, clad in artwork from British contemporary artist Claire Luxton with MTArt Agency.

The piece, called Butterfly Tears, will be seen by thousands of people on the streets of the UK and Europe as Flight Logistics continues its work across the continent.

“During this time of isolation, when all the galleries and exhibitions are closed, it felt extra special to be able to share my artwork on the streets and roads with the public,” Ms Luxton said.

“I have always found art inspiring and therapeutic, I think it has a way of lifting people up and communication on a non verbal level.

“I felt more motivated than ever with this special project, to keep inspiration alive and continue to share hope, happiness, and optimism, in the form of Art On Wheels.”

Marine Tanguy, from MTArt Agency, added: “We truly believe that art can help lift up spirits, especially in times like these.

“It’s such a joy to see the beautiful and hopeful artwork of Claire Luxton travelling the roads of the United Kingdom and make so many people smile as a result.”

Flight Logistics hopes the new van will “turn heads” when out and about.

“That’s the main aim of our collection,” Ms Brown explained. “And by working with talented artists like Claire Luxton, we can showcase artwork in social environments by actively bringing it to the street for all to enjoy.”

To view more of Ms Luxton’s artwork, visit: claireluxtonart.com

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