Wokingham has a new Liberal Democrat candidate ahead of general election concerns

Dr Phillip Lee
Dr Phillip Lee pictured at a protest against the poroguing of Parliament Picture: Phil Creighton/The Wokingham Paper

Bracknell MP Dr Phillip Lee was unveiled as the new Liberal Democrat candidate for Wokingham at a special conference today.

Speaking about his candidacy, Dr Lee said: “I am delighted to have been given this chance to run for the Lib Dems in Wokingham.

“The warmth of reception that I have received has been more positive than perhaps people would expect.”

The decision for Dr Lee to run as a candidate in Wokingham and not Bracknell, his previous constituency, was made by the Liberal Democrat Party.

Explaining the decision, Dr Lee said: “This is about winning elections, and the party felt we would do better in Wokingham than Bracknell.

“It is about winning seats, and there are lots of soft Tories, as well as Labour voters who we can win over here.”

Dr Phillip Lee went on to say: “I want to get on with beating John Redwood in the next election.”

“In effect, he’s almost a Brexit Party candidate who believes in a clean, hard Brexit.

“There is a desire for change in Wokingham, and also in the Thames Valley. Businesses are looking for support.”

Dr Lee expressed that he felt the next general election would be defined by Brexit.  

“We don’t know what context the next general election, whether we will have left the EU or not, or even how we’ve left.

“We don’t know quite how it’s going to fall, but the issue that is defining the nation at the moment is Brexit and it will continue to do so.

“Any trade deal involves the transfer of sovereignty. And if we follow the World Trade Organisation, we will be handing that sovereignty to Washington,” said Dr Lee.  “I don’t believe the constituents of Wokingham want to hand their sovereignty to the Trump administration.”

Also at the event was Deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, Sir Ed Davey.

He said: “Phillip has a huge wealth of skills and experience. He’s a fantastic MP and he’s going to be fantastic in Westminster.

“Support for the Liberal Democrats in Wokingham as grown significantly and you can see that in the Wokingham Borough Council.”

Since May, there have been 12 polls that show the Liberal Democrats ahead of the Labour Party across the UK. 

Stephen Newton, chair of the Wokingham Borough Liberal Democrats said: “I absolutely think he’s going to win against Redwood. 

“Wokingham is a remain-voting area and that needs to be represented.

“I think Dr Lee will appeal to everybody, no matter their voting history.”

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karen cox

Dear Voters of Wokingham , do not be deceived. Phillip Lee represents himself . He has said time and time again when questioned on his voting records . He does not believe in liberal values ,. Look at his voting record he has opposed Gay marriage , HIV immigrants and many more topic close to your liberal hearts . His reply will be … you voted for me and for my better judgement. I am not your representative nor in Parliament to reflect your views but to do what I think is right . That was his consistent reply for voting against the government. So Wokingham do not trust this man he has no loyalty… just looking for a new political home as he was booted out of Bracknell .


Dear Karen Cox, do not be deceived. John Redwood is so hard right, the Brexit Party see no need to run a candidate here because he is already in favour of their policies. Redwood does not represent Wokingham on Europe and certainly doesn’t have ANY liberal values.


Isn’t it strange that such well educated people can speak such rubbish by telling people our country will be run by America. Although that for me would be preferred than our country being run by federal Germany

Paul Sillitoe

Indeed. Equally strange is how so many people are credulous enough to believe that our country is run by Germany.

At the moment we’re part of the world’s largest free trade bloc, giving us huge negotiating power. When we are isolated after Brexit, any trade terms will be absolutely in favour of any large partner.


Perhaps if you had an education you would understand that leaving the EU means giving up our say on how the world is run and so hands more power to Germany and other EU member countries. As an EU member Ireland is stronger than the UK and many Brexiters struggle to understand that.


doesn’t take two seconds to see how bad his voting record is https://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/24765/phillip_lee/bracknell/votes

Phillip Lee is not going to bring any change to Wokingham, he is barely any better than Redwood and certainly not a liberal.

Margaret Doman

Agree Rhys.i think Libs were only voted in last time to keep Labour out in our local elections.


And yet his voting record is still better than Deadwood’s.


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